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Adrian Curaj

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President of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research
Adrian Curaj
Adrian Curaj

Prof. Adrian Curaj is the President of the National Authority for Scientific Research, the State Secretary for Research, Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport in Romania.
Adrian Curaj previous role have included being the Vice-President of the National University Research Council and being the Prime Minister Advisor on Science, Technology, ICT and e-Governance. Adrian Curaj is a professor at the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest. He was the coordinator of the first S&T foresight exercise in Romania. Adrian Curaj has been working as consultant with World Bank, UNESCO, UNIDO and European Commission for studies in Tertiary Education, Science and Innovation, and Foresight. He has been a member of the PEOPLE Advisory Board since 2007.
Adrian Curaj was born in 1958. He has degrees in electronics and telecommunications from POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, PhD in Automatic Systems, Executive MBA from the ASEBUSS- Institute of Business and Public Administration in partnership with University of Washington in Seattle and Kennesaw State University.