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Gonzalo León

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ERA expert group
Gonzalo León
Gonzalo León

PhD on Telecommunication Engineering in 1982

Full Professor of the Telematics Engineering Department at the Universidad

Politécnica de Madrid since 1991

Present position:

Vice President for Research at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) since 2004.

Research activities:

Software engineering for telecommunications systems and on IT technology transfer with several telecom companies. Principal researcher in several R&D projects in the EU Framework Programme, EUREKA, and National R&D Plan on ICT.

Relevant positions in the Spanish Administration of Science and


  • Deputy General Director for international relations on R&D (1996-1998),
  • Deputy General Director at the Office of Science and Technology attached to the Presidency of the Government (1998-2000).
  • Secretary General for Science Policy at the Ministry of Science and Technology as responsible for the National R&D Plan and International Relations (2002-2004);
  • Chairman of several high level expert groups at the European Commission: Chairman of the Follow up of the Lisbon Strategy Group (2006-2009) and Chairman of the Space Advisory Group and Member of the Research Infrastructures Group (2009). Study on ERA Governance for the European Parliament (2009).

Present activities with the Ministry of Science and Innovation:

  • Member of the High Level Group on ERA Governance
  • Member of the expert Group for the design of the new Spanish Law of Science and Technology

Spanish representative in the Strategic Forum of International Cooperation (SFIC)