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Federico Mayor

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President of Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE)
Federico Mayor
Federico Mayor

Prof. Federico Mayor holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University Complutense of Madrid (1958). Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Granada (1963). Elected Rector of that University (1968-1972). Professor of Biochemistry at the Autónoma University in Madrid, were he was cofounder of the Centre of Molecular Biology “Severo Ochoa”. Specialist in Neuro-biochemestry, he promoted the Spanish National Plan for the prevention of mental retardation in the new born. Minister of Education and Science (1981-82) Director General of UNESCO (1987-1999).  He has been the Chair of the European Research Council Expert Group (ERCEG) (2003-2004). At present he is the Chairperson of the ISE (Initiative for Science in Europe).

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