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José Manuel Silva Rodríguez

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Director General for Research
José Manuel Silva Rodríguez
José Manuel Silva Rodríguez

Since 1971 until his incorporation into SOIVRE, while an inspector in the Ministry of Economy and Trade, he was a professor at the School of Agricultural Engineers in Madrid and worked in the private sector in export companies as well as on animal food projects.

Ministry of Economy and Trade (Madrid)

1979-1982 Employed in the Directorate general of Internal Trade and in the Directorate General of Trade Policy.

Secretaria de estado (Madrid)

1983-1986 Counsellor in agricultural affairs and member of the delegation for the Spanish accession negotiations.

European Commission

Since 1986, he worked in the following posts:

1986 Member of the Cabinet of the Vice-President Manuel Marin.

1987-1990 Head of unit for processed fruit and vegetables division.

1990 Head of unit, Tobacco division.

1991-1993 Head of unit, wine, spirits and derived products division.

1993-1997 Chief advisor of the Directorate General of Agriculture and Director of the Common Market Organisation for Vegetable Products.

1997 Deputy Director General of Agriculture responsible for rural development.

Dec. 1999-2005 Director General for Agriculture and Rural Development.

Jan. 2006 Director General for Research