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Beatrix Vierkorn-Rudolph

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Vice-chair of ESFRI
Beatrix Vierkorn-Rudolph
Beatrix Vierkorn-Rudolph

Beatrix Vierkorn-Rudolph holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Technical University of Darmstadt.
Since 2005 she is Deputy-Director General for Large Research Infrastructure, Energy and Basic Research of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany (BMBF). There she has the responsibility for six of the Helmholtz Research Centres in Germany as well as for XFEL and FAIR, the large new Research Infrastructures, Germany is constructing. Among other responsibilities she is the German Delegate of the CERN Council and the German Delegate to the Governing Board of Fusion for Energy (F4E), the European Organisation for ITER.

Since 2006 she is one of the German representatives in ESFRI. In October 2006, Mrs. Vierkorn-Rudolph was elected as Member of the Executive Board of ESFRI, and since March 2008 holds the position of the Vice Chair. In September 2010 she will take over the ESFRI Chair which was unanimously agreed by the ESFRI Forum in December 2009 in Stockholm.